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Subject Description

We aim to provide an environment where students can develop their
particular strengths and talents. We encourage students to investigate
and appreciate a variety of styles of music in far more depth than GCSE.
We believe it is important to provide the basis of a life-long love for music
through a course which is varied, challenging and, above all, enjoyable. We
are fortunate to possess outstanding facilities in our new building. These
include a 300 seat auditorium, a Dance /Drama studio, a media/recording
studio, practice rooms, all incorporating state of the art technology. There is
also a Bechstein Concert Grand Piano.

Future Destinations:

There are many reasons why students might want to
study Music. Some students prepare to go to Music
College or University to study music. This could lead to
a career in Music or teaching. Others study to improve
their performance skills for pleasure and see it as a way
of broadening their knowledge and experience of what
can be a life-long passion.


A Level

What do I need?:

Grade 4 English, Grade 4 Maths
Grade 4 Music


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