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English Language and Literature (Combined)

Subject Description

This Advanced Level course has four components:

• Poetry and Prose
• Drama
• Non-literary Texts
• Critical and Creative Study (non-exam assessment)

Students will explore literature through the ages, evaluating the significance of context. Powers of analysis are developed and independent reading and thought are encouraged. Students have the opportunity to produce original writing within a specified framework and have autonomy with coursework task setting. The course also introduces students to the study of the spoken word, grammar and syntax.

Future Destinations:

A wide variety of courses and careers lead on from the study of English Language  and Literature. Students may go in to further study or careers in Linguistics,  Literature, Creative Writing, Journalism, Publishing, Marketing, Medicine, Law and Teaching amongst others.


A Level

Exam Board:


Extra Curricular

Regular theatre trips; lectures and study days at Universities; elements of drama and design within the curriculum; creative writing opportunities

Entry Requirements:

Grade 5 English
Grade 6 English

Content and Assessment Breakdown:

Component One

Poetry and Prose

Written examination 2 hours 35% of qualification

Section A – Poetry (open-book, clean copy)

WJEC English Language and Literature Pre-1914 Poetry Anthology

–    plus an unseen text published post-1914.

Section B – Prose (open-book, clean copy)

Kazuo Ishiguro: The Remains of the Day

Component Two


Written examination 2 hours 30% of qualification

Section A – Shakespeare (closed-book)


Section B – Post-1900 Drama (closed-book)

Tennessee Williams: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Component Three

Non-Literary Texts

Written examination 2 hours 20% of qualification

Section A – Analysis of unseen non-literary texts

Comparative analysis of three unseen non-literary texts, one of which will be spoken language.

Section B – Non-literary text study (closed-book)

Truman Capote: In Cold Blood

Component Four

Critical and Creative Genre Study

Non-exam assessment: 2500-3500 words 20% of qualification

Section A – Genre Study

Critical and sustained study of a prose genre.

Section B – Related Creative Writing

Two writing assignments (one literary/one non-literary). One of the pieces of writing must be in the same genre as Section A.


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