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Modern Foreign Languages: French and German

Subject Description

A modern foreign language, such as German, Spanish or French, is useful to anyone who wants to be truly involved in today’s world. If you are interested in travelling, studying or working abroad, communicating effectively with people from other countries and cultures or enhancing your employment opportunities, then learning another language would be a definite plus.

Future Destinations:

Did you know that people who study languages have some of the lowest  unemployment rates in the country? In other words, people who can speak more than one language are in very high demand by employers! The possession of a second language often raises your basic salary considerably, making the study of a modern foreign language very profitable. Research suggests that over 90% of careers using languages are in non linguistic professions.  The study of a language at A Level and at degree level holds the key to a variety of interesting and rewarding careers: International organisations such as the EU or the UN welcome employees who can communicate in more than one language. Other career opportunities include international banking, import/export trade, tourism, both at home and overseas, journalism, public relations, translating, interpreting,  communication, technology, telecommunications, publishing and of course teaching. In fact the world is your oyster.


A Level

Exam Board:


Extra Curricular

Burnley Town Twinning Association.

Entry Requirements:

Grade 5 English, Grade 4
Maths, Grade 5 MFL
Grade 6 MFL

Content and Assessment Breakdown:

Unit 1

AS Level

The AS course will cover: Media: Television, Internet, Advertising and communication technology. Popular Culture: Cinema, Music and fashion trends. Healthy living and Lifestyle: exercise, health and well-being and holidays. Family/Relationships: relationships within the family, friendships, marriage and partnerships.

Listening, Reading and Writing, externally examined.

2 hours

70% (35% of A level)

Unit 2

Speaking Test

35 minutes, including 20 minute preparation time.

30%(15% of A level)

Unit 3

A2 Level

The A2 course will cover: Environment: Pollution, renewable and non-renewable energies and protection of the environment. The multicultural society: immigration, integration and racism. Contemporary social issues: Wealth and poverty, Law and Order and the impact of scientific and technological progress.

The study of 2 cultural topics in the target language from a choice of:

A region/ community; a period of 20th century history; a novelist/dramatist/poet; a director/architect/musician/painter.

Listening, Reading, Writing, externally examined: 2 hours 30 minutes

35% of A level

Unit 4

A2 Level

Speaking Test

35 minutes, including 20 minutes preparation time.

15% of A level


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