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English Language GCSE

Subject Description

The skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are of vital importance in many areas. Not only are they essential in many careers, they also underpin successful study at all levels and a proficiency in them can also add immeasurably to an individual’s general quality of life.

GCSE English Language prepares learners to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices and to use language to participate effectively in society and employment.

Future Destinations:

GCSE English language is an entry requirement for study at degree level.



Exam Board:


Content and Assessment Breakdown:

Unit One

Studying Written Language

1 hour: 20% externally assessed

Reading comprehension of non-fiction texts.

Unit Two

Using Written Language

1 hour : 20%  externally assessed

Writing: information and ideas

2 written pieces: reviews, letters, articles, radio scripts.

Unit Three

Controlled Assessment


Literary, Reading and creative writing: Studying written language through extended literary text. Using language: creative writing: descriptive and narrative.

Unit Four

Controlled Assessment


Spoken Language: Communicating and adapting language, interacting and responding, creating and sustaining a role.

Studying spoken language: variations, choices and changes in the spoken word.

Unit Five

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat

This module considers the role of humans in the environment and the demands humans place on natural resources.

Examination paper (100 raw marks / 140 UMS) 8 – 10 short answer questions plus 2 longer questions (a data-handling question and a synoptic essay – choice of 1 out of 2).

2 hours 15 minutes.

23.3% of the total A Level marks

Unit Six

Internal Assessment. Investigative and practical skills in A2 Biology.

Either Centre Marked Route T (50 raw marks/60 UMS)

Practical Skills Assessment (PSA – 6 raw marks) and Investigative Skills Assignment (ISA – 44 raw marks)

Or Externally Marked Route X (50 raw marks/60 UMS)

Practical Skills Verification (PSV – teacher verification).

Externally Marked Practical Assignment (EMPA – 50 raw marks).

10% of the total A Level marks


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