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Subject Description

A Level Geography will excite your minds, challenge your perceptions and stimulate your investigative and analytical skills.  Climate change, globalisation, population growth and urbanisation – these are just some of the big issues facing the world that you will study.  Tectonics, coasts, ecosystems and rivers – geography also helps you to understand why the natural world changes from place to place. With such variety, this subject will suit both students with an interest in both science and the humanities.  Fieldwork is an integral part of geographical study and students will conduct their own investigation as part of this course.

Geography is an academic subject which is well-regarded by universities and employers due to the range of knowledge and skills acquired.
Unit 1 – Physical Geography – this includes the water and carbon cycles; coastal systems and landscapes and hazards.
(40%) (2 hour 30 minute exam)
Unit 2 – Human Geography – this includes global systems and governance; changing places and resource security.
(40%) (2 hour 30 minute exam)
Unit 3 – Independent Investigation (20%) (coursework)

Future Destinations:

Students could have a career in soil science, coastal or flood management, hydrology, biodiversity management or climate science.  Students could also develop a career in urban planning, demography, digital mapping or the oil industry.


A Level

Exam Board:


Entry Requirements:

Grade 4 English, Grade 4 Maths
Grade 5 Maths

Content and Assessment Breakdown:

Unit One

Consists of two sections: Physical Geography and Human Geography.

In the former, Rivers, Flooding and Management of Rivers and Coastlines are studied.

In the Human Geography, Global Population Change and Energy Issues are studied.

Unit Two

Structured Geographical Skills and Fieldwork Topics are studied, based on a Fieldwork Course at Hothersall Lodge.

Unit Three

Is entitled Contemporary Geographical Issues.

In Physical Geography, Plate Tectonics and Hazards and Weather and Climate and Associated Hazards are studied, whilst in Human Geography, World Cities and Development and Globalization are studied.

Unit Four

Fieldwork Skills and Interpretation Skills are studied in this unit as an extension of the Fieldwork Studies done in Unit 2.


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