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Subject Description

The BTEC qualifications are NQF level 3 qualifications designed to
provide highly specialist, work-related qualifications in IT. They give
learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to
prepare for employment.
Mandatory Units
• Unit 1 – Information Technology Systems (A2) – 2 hour exam
• Unit 2 – Creating Systems to manage information (AS) –
Practical exam
• Unit 3 – Using Social Media in Business (AS)
Optional Units
• Unit 5 – Data Modelling (A2)
• Unit 6 – Website Development (A2)
Assessment: There is a mixture of tutor led and external
assessment, with assignments set by the examination board and a
written examination at the end of the course.

Future Destinations:

There is a wide variety of careers and university courses available
to students with a qualification in ICT. In today’s workplace, those
with knowledge and skills in ICT have the opportunity to pursue
new and exciting careers and to be instrumental in the conception
of ICT systems that increasingly shape work and leisure activities
The qualifications provide progression opportunities to higher
education, degree and professional development programmes
within the same or related areas of study, within universities and
other institutions.


BTEC Level 3

Exam Board:


Entry Requirements:

Grade 4 English, Grade 4 Maths
Grade 5 IT

Content and Assessment Breakdown:

Unit One

1 Communication and Employability Skills for IT
2 Computer Systems

Optional units
3 Information Systems
4 Impact of the Use of IT on Business Systems
5 Managing Networks
6 Software Design and Development
7 Organisational Systems Security
8 e-Commerce
9 Computer Networks
10 Communication Technologies
11 Systems Analysis and Design
12 IT Technical Support
13 IT Systems Troubleshooting and Repair
14 Event Driven Programming
15 Object Oriented Programming
16 Procedural Programming
17 Project Planning with IT
18 Database Design
19 Computer Systems Architecture
20 Client Side Customisation of Web Pages
21 Data Analysis and Design
22 Developing Computer Games
23 Human Computer Interaction
24 Controlling Systems Using IT
25 Maintaining Computer Systems
26 Mathematics for IT Practitioners
27 Web Server Scripting
28 Website Production
29 Installing and Upgrading Software
30 Digital Graphics
31 Computer Animation
32 Networked Systems Security
33 Supporting Business Activity
34 Business Resources

Specialist optional units
35 Digital Graphics for Interactive Media
36 Computer Game Platforms and Technologies
37 2D Animation Production
38 Interactive Media Authoring
39 Web Animation for Interactive Media
40 Computer Game Design
41 3D Modelling
42 Spreadsheet Modelling
43 Multimedia Design


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