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A Level Mathematics

A Level Mathematics Explained

During this course, you will learn to extend your knowledge of algebra
and geometry from GCSE and explore the ways in which mathematics
can be applied in the real world.
Areas which you will cover include:
• New topics such as coordinate geometry, series, differentiation and
• Branching further into pure maths with topics such as logarithms
and exponentials, radian measures and higher level trigonometry
• More complex pure maths including trigonometric proofs, further
differentiation and integration as well as numerical methods for
finding solutions
• Further and more complex work on coordinate geometry as well as
simple vectors. Lots of the maths studied in earlier work is linked
together and developed further in the second year of study.
• The applied modules, Statistics and Mechanics are now
compulsory. Applied mathematics further develops the pure skills
in real world situations such as the laws of motion, friction, gravity,
testing hypothesis from samples and predicting outcomes.

What skills will the course help you develop?

• Confidence in the key mathematics topics for science and
• Organising and presenting a structured and logical argument
• Confidence in mastering challenging ideas and overcoming
• Thinking in an organised, abstract and symbolic way

How is the course assessed?

The course is now assessed entirely by three examinations at the end
of year 13.

Which subjects does Mathematics compliment

Usually students studying Physics or thinking of Engineering as
a career choose this option (however this is not compulsory).
Other combinations often include Chemistry, Biology and
Technology although other Advanced Levels can go equally well
with this course.

Where can A Level Mathematics Lead?

Maths is essential for studying Maths, Physics or Engineering
at University, and for these subjects Further Maths is highly
desirable at the top institutions (see page on Further
Mathematics). Other courses which benefit from Maths A Level
are medicine, economics, accounting and other sciences such as
sports science.


A Level (Double)

Exam Board:


Futher Information

Entry Requirements:

Essential: Grade 5 Maths

Desireable: Grade 6 Maths


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