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Subject Description

Economics is a topical and interesting Advanced Level subject studied in three units; over two years.

In the first year we look at some basic economic questions considering such things as: why house prices have changed so much; why the government taxes petrol and cigarettes so highly; why university students have to pay the cost of their courses, together with Business Economics.

In the second year we extend our study to the wider economy considering such topics as the UK’s view of the Euro; why the pound changes in value against the dollar and the Euro; why the government changes income tax and mortgage rates.

Future Destinations:

A study of Economics can lead directly to a career in the financial services industry but it is also useful for everybody who wants a professional career as we study the labour market and how it works. Many of our students go on to a wide variety of University courses related to Economics or Business Studies.


A Level

Exam Board:


Entry Requirements:

Essential: Grade 4 English, Grade 5 Maths

Content and Assessment Breakdown:

Unit 1

In this unit you will study Markets and Market Failure. The study of individual markets within the economy and the economic behaviour of individual consumers and firms in such markets.

Unit 2

In this unit you will investigate issues such as levels of unemployment and inflation in the economy. The levels of the trade flows into and out of the economy. Analysis of economic problems using the aggregate demand/supply model.

Unit 3

In this unit you will investigate how different types of market structures e.g. monopoly and perfect competition. Also study of welfare economics, income distribution and the labour markets.

Unit 4

In this unit you will study the national and international economy. Macroeconomics concepts and government policy. In the international section covers the trade policy and the European Union.


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