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Parents Information Booklet

Our Parents Information Booklet aims to provide parents with all the necessary information they will need over the next academic year.  Thomas Whitham Sixth Form prides itself on the excellent support and guidance systems that are designed to support every stage of Sixth Form careers, this booklet outlines our procedures and general aims.


We place particular importance on maintaining close contact with parents. Parents Evenings and Monitoring Reports will play essential roles in ensuring that the three-way relationship between students, parents and staff ensure a happy and successful time within the Sixth Form.

Ofsted Report

We recognise how important it is for students and parents alike to get the best possible impression of a school or college.

Ofsted provide an independent view of a schools performance.

Ofsted are always seeking parental feedback on schools, let them know what you think of Thomas Whitham Sixth Form by visiting the link below; .


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