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Alastair Campbell comes to TWSF

Former advisor and press guru to ex  Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair paid a visit to Thomas Whitham Sixth Form on Friday. He gave a talk to students from the sixth form as well as pupils who had been invited from schools across Burnley. He spoke about his journey from being a vet’s son living near Keighley to the centre of power in Downing Street. He was open and honest about the problems he had as a young journalist and how his declining mental health and depression almost ended his career. His main focus was about young people getting engaged in politics in order to be able to make a better world. He then took a series of questions ranging from Brexit, Burnley FC, the situation in Syria, Donald#Trump to mental health issues and the Korean peace efforts. The visit was organised by Tom Harnell a Sociology and RE teacher at Thomas Whitham Sixth Form, through the Speakers for Schools initiative.

3rd May 2018
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