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Our Vision For Your Success

We are playing a central role in the development and delivery of an exciting and innovative vision for learning in Burnley, Pendle and the surrounding area. As part of the Burnley Learning Partnership initiated by the Building Schools for the Future Project, we work collaboratively in order to raise achievement and aspiration, increase participation beyond the compulsory phase and create an ethos for lifelong learning.

We are a Sixth Form where learning is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience embedded with high expectations for all our learners. Personalised learning programmes are being developed for our new technology-rich environment thereby allowing all learners to realize their full potential. We are a Sixth Form which values all individuals and makes a positive contribution to everyone’s personal and social development by fostering self-esteem and self-discipline as well as respect for others from different backgrounds, faiths, cultures and abilities thereby supporting positive social interaction and inclusion. We are developing an awareness of shared spiritual values and provide opportunities for all within our community to explore their spirituality from a particular faith perspective or from none.

We are a Sixth Form which is representative of the best in our community with positive relationships at the heart of everything we do. We are a Sixth Form which collaborates with a variety of partners in the community to enrich the learning as well as personal and social development of all our learners. We embrace the philosophy of an ‘extended’ learning centre, a Sixth Form serving and shaping the local community. The co-located Faith Centre, Public Library and Primary school partners (a Primary School, a Primary Special School and a Nursery school/Children’s Centre) are fundamental to this philosophy but every opportunity will be taken to build and extend further links with our community. Our Sixth Form is becoming an active resource throughout the day, week and year. The collaborative Social Enterprise Company has been a trigger for generating and maintaining a vibrant life for the campus. The aim of this Company is to deliver the community cohesion and extended schools agendas. This is an exciting and ground-breaking initiative.

Our new Sixth Form environment provides high quality, state-of-the-art, facilities creating a truly 21st Century learning environment. A modern, flexible, technology-rich learning environment developed within a sustainable and ‘green’ institution is becoming a real community centre and thereby engendering a sense of pride, place and ownership for everyone within our community not just our learners. We are an innovative self-evaluating organisation which functions effectively and successfully responding to the needs of the learners, parents, staff and the wider community. All staff work as reflective practitioners evaluating and enhancing the quality of their input to the organisation. As such they are a vital resource for our whole community thereby further engendering a sense of pride, place and ownership for everyone.

The Sixth Form is fully committed to safeguard and promoting the welfare of children and young people.


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