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Once the Sixth Form has reached its part in the education of our students we encourage them to let us know the next stage in their careers.  Below is a list of destinations of the last young people in our care.

2019 Destinations

Scholarship Awards

The Governors of Thomas Whitham Sixth Form are Trustees of the School Scholarship Fund which is a registered charity.  The Scholarship Fund is administered in accordance with Charity Commission guidelines and has a Scheme in which it is governed.

The Scholarship Fund is made up of an Investment Portfolio which consists of many endowments willed to the Fund.  The endowed money is invested within the Portfolio and approximately £4300 per annum is drawn down from the Investment Fund to meet the Object of the Charity.

The object of the charity is to promote the education of students who attend or have attended the school by awarding scholarships or grants for further education tenable to any college or university or other institution of further education (including professional and technical) education approved by the trustees.

Scholarships must be awarded to students from the Sixth Form and are distributed each year at the Awards Evening.


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